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Simplify your life with Billo

Billo is the new digital mailbox that can gather all your mail in one app. Both digital and physical documents. Both government mail and fun mail.

Everything in one place

Billo provides you with a digital address where all your joy-killing mail goes, both physical and digital.

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Your own VIP section

Very Important Papers, that is. Billo collaborates with all important societal functions so that you have all your important documents gathered in one place.

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Do less, get more

Streamline your invoice payments. Goodbye stress, hello happiness.

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Flexible identification

At Billo, you can verify your identity with both BankID and Freja eID.

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Always accessible

Share your mailbox with your loved one.

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Help us save the planet

Every year, 1.2 million acres of forest is being cut down to produce paper for bills and post. That's the size of New York City. Times 6…

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Frequently Asked Questions

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With Billo, you have more freedom of choice. You can choose to receive only government mail. You can choose to receive mail from Billo-connected companies. You can choose to have a specific postal address with Billo and have all your physical mail digitized and presented in the app. No more scanning bills in your banking app. You also get a Digital Specific Postal Address that you can provide to your suppliers like Klarna, Wally, or your cleaning service so that you receive all your email invoices in Billo. Additionally, you get a brilliant scanner that catches invoices or letters that slip through and end up on your kitchen counter and an excellent categorization feature that you can easily customize. Kivra charges 20 SEK per month for the scanner and categorization. In Billo, everything is free! These are the main differences. Also, we have completely different user experiences. We hope you like ours!

You decide how you want to use Billo. You can choose to only use Billo as your digital mailbox, in which case only digitally sent letters will come through. If you choose to receive your physical mail in Billo, it will be scanned by us at our digitization center. In that case, you need to switch to a specific postal address so we can receive your letters (go to the FAQ section for a description of what a specific postal address means). If you want important letters that come to us to be forwarded to your registered address, we will send them to you. Billo receives your bills, insurance letters, and messages from authorities such as Skatteverket (the Swedish tax agency), Försäkringskassan (the social insurance agency), CSN, and more.

It's a really great feature! Suppose you want to receive all your mail in Billo, including your physical letters. In that case, you can register a specific postal address with the Swedish Tax Agency. Your physical mail will then be sent to Billo's automatic scanning center, where it will be scanned, digitized, and uploaded to your digital Billo mailbox. Fast, convenient, and secure.

If you receive a housing allowance, sometimes Försäkringskassan (the social insurance agency) may react to your specific postal address. But there's nothing to worry about. You just need to inform Försäkringskassan that you have Billo and have obtained a specific postal address because you want to receive your mail digitally. We have a good and close relationship with Försäkringskassan, and we are happy to help if you find it difficult.

If you miss physical mail and want to cancel Billo, contact our support and terminate the service. We will handle the matter as soon as we can and send a confirmation when it's done. Of course, there is no notice period. After about two weeks, the mail will start coming to your home again. For safety reasons, you can keep Billo for a couple of weeks after terminating the service to avoid missing any important bills.

Having Billo and receiving digital mail in your mailbox will always be free. Unlike Kivra, you can upload unlimited important documents for free. We also provide our smart scanner for free, so you can scan everything that has yet to be digitized, as well as the ability to create your own categories to gain full control over your life. 

To accelerate the digitization of mail, we also offer the "All Post" service, which automatically sends your physical mail to your mobile device. "All Post" is completely free until March 1, 2024, so you can experience having all your mail in one place - on your mobile device. After that, we will charge 29 SEK per month, as long as you want, without any binding period.

We hope that feels okay!

Billo is extremely concerned about the data of its users and complies with existing regulations in the area of personal data management. We only share data with third parties if you have given your consent. We would also only ask such a question if we have found a way for you to save money.

Yes! Download the app, and government mail will start coming to Billo instead of Kivra. We have also made agreements with the largest postal distributors in Sweden.

We recommend that you terminate your previous digital mailbox to have everything in one place. If you would get an invoice fee due to switching to Billo, we will cover the cost until it ceases. Contact customer service, and we will assist you in obtaining your compensation.

Currently, you have to save documents one by one and upload them into Billo. Billo will soon release a feature that allows you as a user to easily save all your documents in Billo wherever you want, inside or outside Billo. We believe these are your documents, and you should be able to control them easily.